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Andrew Butters motivational speakers

Andrew Butters is an employee effectiveness specialist who inspires performance through his keynote addresses, workshops and book.

Professional Speaker

Andrew has crafted more than 10 keynotes to inspire performance in the workplace.

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This book is jam-packed with strategies for handling and resolving conflict.

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Workshop Facilitator

Andrew inspires performance through his 7+ employee effectiveness workshops.

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What people are saying about Andrew

Keynote speaker Andrew Butters shines at Nissan Africa

I highly recommend Andrew

We found that Andrew and his team to be professional, reliable and efficient. The detailed work that he did, provided Nissan with implementable recommendations, which resulted in improvements in our absenteeism. I would not hesitate to make use of his services again and highly recommend him for similar projects.

Charmaine Lemao
Director Human Resources / Nissan Africa
Andrew Butters employee engagement negotiation testimonial

Under your chairmanship we reached an effective settlement

Stanbic Bank Botswana appointed Andrew Butters to assist us in conducting our annual salary negotiations for 2010/2011 with the banking trade union BOBEU. He was appointed by me as the representative of the bank during these negotiations and was responsible for the planning and preparation phases as well as serving as the lead negotiator for the Bank. Under his chairperson ship the negotiating committee managed to reach an effective salary increase settlement which fell within my personal mandate to the negotiating committee. I found Andrew to be professional, thorough and knowledgeable and to conduct himself in a manner which brought credit to the Bank and himself as a professional. I thoroughly recommend Andrew and would have no hesitation in utilising his services again, should the need arise.

Leina Gabaraane
Managing Director / Stanbic Bank Botswana
Radon Projects gives motivational speaker Andrew Butters a glowing testimonial

Your Enthusiasm Stands Out

Andrew has facilitated and spoken at staff briefings for our company as well as to our management committee. His presentation on staff engagement stands out for the enthusiasm with which it was presented and for the inspiration and professionalism he added to our staff meeting. The content was contemporary and thought-provoking and was well received by our staff. Andrew was an engaging and proficient speaker. We would recommend Andrew as either a trainer or a keynote speaker. We ourselves will make use of Andrew to do so again in future.

Franco Germani
Radon Projects Pty LTD
Frontier beverage company sings motivational speaker Andrew Butters praises

You're a consummate professional

We have twice utilised the services of Andrew Butters, and both times we were very impressed with his professionalism. In the first instance he worked with one of our employees to ensure that he had a solid understanding of the Labour Relations Act. Since then we have not had a single labour relations incident. We have subsequently utilised his services to chair a difficult disciplinary and we were very satisfied by the way he handled the matter. The outcome was deemed fair by both parties and in fact we retained his services to assist the employee to deal with the issues that had led to the disciplinary. The fact that both the employee and I were happy to allow him to do his work is testimony to the fairness and professionalism with which he handled the matter. I can, without reservation, recommend Andrew Butters.

Steven Giddings
Managing Director / The Frontier Beverage Corporation
Testimonial for motivational speaker Andrew Butters

You speak with passion

Andrew comes across as an accomplished speaker who has a sound knowledge of his field. He speaks with passion and is an engaging facilitator and speaker. Andrew has also been utilised to coach our Managing Director, HR Manager and other members of staff. He has succeeded in achieving sound and lasting results as a coach and has been an inspiration to those with whom he has worked. On account of the coaching work he has done, he has been invited to contribute written articles on the staff communication intranet system. These have been hugely inspirational, beneficial and well received by staff. We would recommend Andrew as a coach, trainer or keynote speaker. We ourselves will make use of Andrew again to do so in future.

Sanet Meintjies
Human Resources Manager / Compair
Testimonial for motivational speaker Andrew Butters

Thank you for such a powerful, insightful talk

WOWWOWWOW!!!! THANK YOU FOR SUCH A POWERFUL INSIGHTFUL TALK I learned a lot and am so inspired to grow & unleash MY MAGIC

Thato Motsabi
Claims / M-Sure