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Retrenchment is a process which is embarked upon by an employer where they have the need to consult a targetted audience of employees in relation to their possible loss of their workplaces.   This process of consultation could be occasioned by situations in which the employer is experiencing a problem in […]

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Solving Conflict Starts with Understanding

Conflict is endemic to the world of work, interactions in voluntary associations, sport clubs and churches.   As long as there people there will be conflict.  This is because people have diverse values, beliefs and opinions and diverse personalities and come from different backgrounds.   With all these differences comes the […]

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What is in a date?

Human beings seem to have the innate desire to remember significant dates! The date we were born, the date of our first day at school, the date we finish secondary schooling, the date we graduate from tertiary institutions, the date of our wedding and so the list goes on. From […]

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Fixed Term Contacts Must be Fixed

Fixed Term contracts have been amongst the most widely abused form of contracting in the South Africa employment sector.  Small wonder that trade unionists have been challenging this issue most vehemently and also clear justification for why non-standard forms of employment, of which a fixed term contract is one, was […]

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Alcoholism in the Workplace

South Africans consume over five billion litres of alcohol per year, according to a study by the Medical Research Council (MRC). Alcoholism in the workplace is amongst a variety of contemporary social problems that affect the behaviour and success of people in the workplace, in this blog I focus on […]

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Social Media and the Workplace

Social media is considered any form of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, messages, and other content. Social media includes internet forums, social blogs, wikis, microblogging (e.g. Twitter), social networks (e.g. Facebook), and many others. Social networking is the use of social media to […]

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