Flexible Working Hours as a Tool to Happier and More Motivated Staff

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”  , Richard Branson Countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden and France are in the process of revolutionising the 9-5 workday. Employers ihn these countries report that this is making their staff more productive, efficient […]

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Know when to exit disengaged employees

disengaged employees

Employees are arguably the single biggest asset and resource any organisation has. Disengaged employees, can be the most massive cost factor which debilitates the organisation. Sick leave increases by 20% amongst disengaged employees and productivity drops by 26%.  Many other aspects of the organisation such as staff turnover and customer loyalty are also negatively impacted. […]

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Is there a case for cannabis in the workplace?

Cannabis in the workplace. With the Constitutional Court ruling last week that the cultivation of cannabis and the private/personal use thereof is legalised, what are the implications of this from an employment perspective? Does it imply that the use of dagga within the workplace is now likewise legalised? Analogies are being drawn between the legalisation […]

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Talent Management: A Barrier to Employee Intimacy?

Talent management …Our modern world of work seems to be increasing in the pace of change and its fluidity with the impact of technology, the internet of things and the changing expectations of employees. The days of regimented job profiles with nicely laid out duties and organisational charts which remain intact and applicable for 12-18 […]

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The role of Employee Engagement Training Courses in a successful workplace

Employee Engagement Training Courses

Employee engagement training courses are a key strategy to ensure success in the marketplace. An indispensable part of an organisation’s talent management strategy is its focus on employee engagement and retention. While employee engagement is not a managerial necessity, rather an important driver of employee performance, achievement, and continuous motivation to improve all year long. It […]

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