Alcoholism in the Workplace

South Africans consume over five billion litres of alcohol per year, according to a study by the Medical Research Council (MRC). Alcoholism in the workplace is amongst a variety of contemporary social problems that affect the behaviour and success of people in the workplace, in this blog I focus on […]

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Social Media and the Workplace

Social media is considered any form of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, messages, and other content. Social media includes internet forums, social blogs, wikis, microblogging (e.g. Twitter), social networks (e.g. Facebook), and many others. Social networking is the use of social media to […]

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Stop Just Arriving, Do Something!

Organisations are in a continual state of change.  Change is forever and continuous and this requires employees to adapt and change too.  The problem is that many don’t.  Many refuse to change and many employees resist change.   Employees resits change of strategies by managers, changes in systems and processes, changes […]

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Strike Avoidance Keys

Many employers may have commenced their negotiations of wages/salary increases for 2017 and other substantive matters with representatives of labour. This can be a stressful time given that if agreement of the negotiations is not reached, the trade union may be permitted to legally embark on a protected strike given […]

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Sick leave is granted in instances where employees are unable to work due to illness.   This is the specific reason that sick leave has been provided for in the employment relationship.   Any sick leave taken for reasons other than sick leave, would constitute an abuse of sick leave provisions and […]

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