June 9, 2018

Employee Engagement Training Courses Tips That Are Useful

employee engagement training courses in South Africa

Employee engagement training courses need to be reinforced on a regular basis and the best way to do that is online.

There are many platforms that do more than just deliver content and report on learner progress.

Here are just a few of the tricks to make their training more effective:

  1. Gamification

The use of game mechanics in non-game environments has improved results in areas of customer loyalty and marketing. Gamification takes the elements that make people want to play games and it applies them in an online learning experience.

In online employee engagement training courses, it’s particularly useful in several ways.

  • Levels – to add meaning to the employees journey.
  • Badges – to reward them for their achievements by means of a virtual trophy cabinet.
  • Leaderboards – to leverage the power of competitiveness and is often enough to make employees go beyond the call of duty in their engagement training.

2. Social Features

Most of what we learn at work doesn’t come from manuals or instructional content – we learn it from those around us. social networks in your business is an absolute must as it improves teamwork and communication.

Social learning unlocks the potential for behavioural and cultural change and you can also:

  • Share Knowledge and find the hidden expertise among your employees.
  • Generate discussion
  • Retain Knowledge
  • Bridge the gap between knowledge and behaviour

3. Discussion Groups

At a time when job-hopping is becoming a prominent trend, knowledge loss is a bigger problem than ever. Forums and discussion groups can be used to identify the real experts. Letting the employees contribute to this bank of organisational knowledge gives them a greater sense of ownership, meaning they’re more likely to be engaged with their jobs.

4. Mobile

Mobile usage has overtaken desktop usage and businesses can’t afford to rely solely on learning platforms that don’t have mobile capabilities. Employers need to adapt to the way their people behave, without expecting the employees to adapt instead.

There are a number of Employee Engagement Training Courses such as:

  • Microlearning for Macro Results
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Whiteboard Animations
  • Quiz-based eCourses
  • Mini eCourses

Andrew Butters, human capital expert and motivational speaker says, “Employee engagement training courses need to be driven by somebody and a continuous learning process between everyone in the business.”

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