Training Courses

Training courses range in duration from ½ day to 3 day programmes and can be customised according to the client’s content and timing requirements.

Programme Type of Address Target Audience Ideal Audience Size
Dealing with Discipline Employee Relations Managers required to handle the discipline function in organisations 12 – 24
The Manager in Me Management Development Managers at Junior and Mid-management levels in organisations 12 – 30
Developing the Supervisor in Me Supervisory Development Staff at supervisory level in organisations 12 – 30
Nurturing the Power of Teams Team Development Supervisors and managers in organisations 12- 30
How to be a Business Ambassador Developing Receptionist Skills Employees in a contact centre and in a reception 12 – 30
Eating from the Same Plate Conflict Resolution Managers at all levels in the organisation 12 – 30

New Training Programme

How to Manage Staff Performance and Correct Poor Work Habits Development Managers at all levels in the organisation 12 – 30